It’s All In Your Head

Stories From The Frontline Of Psychosomatic Illness, by Suzanne O’Sullivan


This book explains how the most common psychosomatic symptoms are fatigue and pain.  These symptoms are difficult to assess because they cannot be objectively measured, only described.   This book tells 8 peoples stories of trying everything to alleviate the pain that is ruining there life.  They have had surgery after surgery and medication after medication until finally they consider the emotional component to their illness.


Reading one symptom after another, I thought, ‘I know what that is’.  I would say that at least 70% of my patients come to me with pain related to stored negative emotion. When a person goes through a situation that is too difficult for the brain to process, the body stores it somewhere to be processes at another time, when the person can deal with the emotion.  If that time does not come, these emotions fester, presenting as pain and fatigue.


The most wonderful thing about acupuncture is, it can release these negative emotions and alleviate the pain without talking about the cause.  I have had amazing results with patients with PTSD.  The situation they have been through was so painful to go through the first time around, they definitely do not want to talk it through a second.  By inserting very fine needles in specific locations, it is possible restore the body to its natural balance of mind, body and spirit causing a feeling of wellbeing.


If you are struggling from an emotional imbalance causing aches and pains, go to and set up an appointment with me. I know I can help.


I love what I do.